About Us

Serenity Mind, a site devoted to providing a mediation, life coaching and psychic readings services ! This is the place for you to find only the best, intuitive psychics, and certified coaches and mediators. They are gifted, compassionate and intuitive. Our goal is to provide you with an empowering experience that will assist you in meeting your goals and, refining your life.

Our Services

Serenity Mind is a friendly, community-oriented locally owned and operated business since 1999. We specialize in mediation, spiritual counseling, psychic readings and personal life coaching. We also offer hypnosis for phobias, to build confident, behavior modification and past life regression. Our coaching focuses on providing insight that assists our clients in creating a better life, better relationships and more successful business. Our reading service addresses life questions such as individual compatibility in works/business environment, relationship, and all matters of the heart.

Our Staff

Our Intuitives are known for their accuracy, sincerity, and extraordinary dedication to clients. Our life coaches and mediators will work for you to get the answer to help you make best possible life choices. They will help you gain insight on relationships, finances, career and other life challenges, which you are free to act on as you choose. Our psychics and coaches share the belief that our lives are a part of a greater whole and the force with which we work is called by many names; God, Creator, Source, or Universal Force, and so on. We hope you return often and participate in our future social network that fosters an environment of personal, professional, and spiritual growth. We know you are going to love it when we are done with the construction. Thank you for coming to our site.


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